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The Betwixters: Once Upon a Time

By Laura C. Cantu

July 1, 2017

Book one of the exciting new series, Betwixters.

Take a journey of discovery, magic, and enchantment alongside Noah and his friends when they learn faeries really exist!

This is no ordinary fairytale. This is an adventure of a lifetime!

Secret of Souls

By Aubrie Nixon

September 25, 2017

Zephera Travelle is one of the deadliest assassins in the Empire of Lucent, known as the ‘Lady of Death.’ Follow Zephera and her companions on an epic action-adventure journey to find the key to Lucent’s salvation.

Death: Awakening to Life

By Christine Contini

April 1, 2018

Have you ever wondered what happens when we die? Do you have a relative that is passing over and would like more information about what your loved on is going through?

From first-hand experiences, Christine shares what it’s like to die and come back to life. She gives detailed accounts about what happens on the other side, and how death can bring new hope to life.


Howl of the Wild: An Anthology

May 9, 2018

Featuring poetry and prose by: Gregory Luce, Carol Deering, Arthur Mitchell, Melissa Huff, Melissa Calderon-Rougié, Kayla Miller, Burton L. Carlson, Molly Murray, Patti Palmer-Baker, Virginia Barrett, Suzanne Cottrell, Lynne Reeder, Austin Miller, Robert Morgan Fisher, Lauren Johnson, Richard Smith, and Barry McNeil.

The Howl of the Wild is a delightful journey through nature, sure to please fans of poetry and nature in equal measure.

Requiem of Sorrow

Written by Aubrie Nixon

September 1, 2018

Daegan Sorrowhand is a simple young scholar whose sole desire is to spend his days in the Land of Somber’s most extensive library dreaming of a more peaceful way to end his kingdom’s suffering. Unfortunately, his overbearing father has other plans for him. As Daegan trains to become the reluctant captain of Somber’s most elite fighting force, he finds himself embroiled in both the land’s increasing darkness and the fires of passion and love. But tragedy forces Daegan to open himself to the darkness, and he finds he must choose between his heart and his sworn duty.

In this prequel novella to Secret of Souls, witness the events that set Daegan on his fateful path to the Kingdom of Lucent.

The Loop Breaker: A Beacon and the Darkness

Written by Russ Thompson

October 2, 2020

The Loop Breaker: A Beacon and the Darkness takes us through a time of tumultuous change for sixteen-year-old Lee Ann Daniels who is recovering from the death of her mother. Lee Ann is forced to deal with this tragic loss while experiencing the culture shock of being forced to move in with her father who lives in the tiny town of Laverne. Lee Ann has no desire to return to this piece of nowhere nestled in the wooded hills of Tennessee, a place where she was born but never really knew.

Standing in a Dead Man’s Body: A True Story of Crossing Over

Written by Christine Contini

December 20, 2020

Book One of The One Light Series

Christine opens her eyes to find herself trapped inside the body of a dying man. This adventure takes you along her journey, where you experience out-of-this-world details about death, dying, and crossing over to the other side.

Rising From the Ashes: A True Story of Finding Life After Death

Written by Christine Contini

August 24, 2021

Book Two of The One Light Series

The moment Syndell, Christine’s eighteen-month-old daughter, says, “Shhhh, he’s sleeping,” Christine is brought into an alternate reality. The knowledge that life really does exist past death awakens her ability to see, hear, and help the now-deceased Uncle Ricky to cross to the other side.

Owls of Sedgemount

Written by Russ Thompson

October 14, 2022

Perfect for Ages 8-12


Parkinsonian Democracy

Written by Jerry Hurtubise  

Coming Soon

Parkinsonian Democracy, a legal fiction, is heard in the United States District Court of Public Opinion, where Christian Cultura, a seasoned trial attorney, presents overwhelming evidence exposing the truth about how those diagnosed with Parkinson’s, more often than not, resist hearing the clarion call of how a steady diet of vigorous aerobic exercise and good foods for the brain are the critical links in helping to slow down the progress of this particular brain disease which seems to be escalating out of control.
Chalking this state of affairs up to being part and parcel of how the human condition is currently evolving, Mr. Cultura attempts to prove with incontrovertible scientific evidence, directional change is possible by using the competing part of the brain most able to process rational thought, rather than insisting on using parts which have evolved for other important purposes.
So then, until there is a cure, Mr. Cultura invites all who have been diagnosed, to find a safe harbor in a Parkinsonian Democracy, where each individual, assuming certain conditions are met, will enjoy the right to move freely, as best they can, for as long as they shall live.

Full-tilt Exorcist

By Belwoeth Harbright

Coming Soon!

Part horror, part comedy, part detective story, Full-tilt Exorcist follows Chester Woddeley, aspiring exorcist and gay senior in high school, as he investigates the mysterious circumstances behind a series of comas happening at his school.


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