Meet Our Pack Leaders

Our Story

We are a small press dedicated to publishing works that inspire our readers to remember the truth of who they truly are. We have two divisions of our press:

Winterwolf Press aims to promote peace, joy, magic, and positivity in society’s creative consciousness and to be a counter voice against the all-too-common dystopian themes that run rampant in today’s entertainment. Winterwolf Press focuses on self-help and spiritual themes as well as children’s, middle-grade, and young adult genres.

Shadow Wolf Press publishes works that excite the imagination and entice the mind to think outside of the proverbial box. We are not afraid of the dark, nor are we afraid to explore “taboo” subjects. At Shadow Wolf Press, we explore the shadows in order to usher our audiences into places where they can more fully understand themselves and our world. We shine the light into the darkness and cultivate ideas that create understanding, inspiration, and empowerment in our readers.

At Winterwolf Press and Shadow Wolf Press, we believe we have a responsibility to contribute to the world’s wellbeing by cultivating and sharing stories, works, and ideas that create inspiration and empowerment in our readers as well as offer vibrational frequencies that promote balance and awareness.

Not only do we focus on publishing memorable and extraordinary works, but also on helping authors realize their dreams. We know what it’s like to sail stormy seas of publishing, and we like to think we have a lifeboat that can rescue wandering authors from being trapped by the currents of confusion, inundation, and misdirection.

Our carefully selected and vetted staff of qualified professionals has over three decades of collective experience in the publishing industry, and we keep a keen eye out for additional experts to add to our team due to our ever-growing publishing needs. At Winterwolf Press and Shadow Wolf Press, we are not about invoking the “lone-wolf” mentality; we work together as an efficient and supportive team. When you decide to work with our press, you’re not just working with a company, you’re joining our pack.

Winterwolf Press and Shadow Wolf Press strive to build honest, nurturing, and transparent relationships with our authors, peers, and audiences.

Meet Our Pack Leaders


Laura Cantu

The Winter Wolf (a.k.a. Founder and Alpha)

Laura Cantu, our pack leader, founded Winterwolf Press in 2015 with a desire to uplift and entertain the world one book at a time. 

Laura is also a multitalented artist, visionary, and humanitarian. Throughout her life, she has felt an overwhelming desire to explore the mysteries of the unknown and to expand her awareness and experiences. By allowing her perspective to shift and change, Laura has learned to unleash her imagination and use it to guide her through creative processes.

Christine Contini

The Wolf Doctor  (a.k.a. Vice-Alpha & Senior Editor)

Christine Contini, our in-house manuscript doctor, is an expert in turning complex concepts into easy-to-read books. Many of our clients and authors love working side-by-side with Christine because she’s excellent at “hand-holding” and keeping projects on track.

Aside from being an amazing editor and project manager, Christine is also a leader in the field of self-development and spiritual awakening. She has appeared on podcasts and shows across the globe and has received renowned recognition for her work.


Jeffrey Naylor

The Enforcer (a.k.a Editor-in-Chief)

Jeffrey Naylor, our toughest beta wolf, ensures the work we accept and produce is of the highest quality. Nothing gets past him, and if you’re lucky enough to work with Jeffrey, you’ll see why he’s an integral member of our pack.

An editor, ghostwriter, writing coach, and teacher, Jeffrey has extensive experience and a long history of helping people express themselves through words and writing.



Aubrie Nixon

The Howl-to Gal (a.k.a Project Manager & Submissions Officer for Shadow Wolf Press)

Aubrie Nixon loves Dragon Age, Game of Thrones, and reading all things fantasy. She runs a local YA/NA book club with three chapters and more than 200 members.

Aubrie is also a founding member of Ascension Academy and is the head of Phyraven House.

Russ Thompson

The Beta Leader (a.k.a. Project Manager & Submissions Officer for Winterwolf Press)

Russ has a keen eye for craftsmanship. His attention to detail, organizational skills, ability to work well under pressure, and dedication to giving each manuscript the attention it deserves makes Russ an invaluable member of our team.

Claire Santos

The Bookwolf (a.k.a Director of Social Media and Blogs)

Claire Santos a proud Ravenclaw is known as the “Coffeeholic Bookwolf” in the blogging world. She is a skilled writer, poet and book reviewer who is renowned for her expertise and supporting authors and promoting their books and press through social media. Her innovative flair and aesthetic prowess have helped countless authors refine their social media content and curate a stunning online presence. Claire’s dedication and expertise has made her a beloved wolf among our pack.


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