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Dark and twisted and blood-curlingly awesome!

Requiem of Sorrow by Aubrie Nixon may be a short story but the action and drama was full to the brim. This novella is dark and twisted and blood-curlingly awesome! Daegan Sorrowhand is a force to reckon with, and he’s exactly the heart of this story. He sacrificed his freedom for the one he love. He was willing to defy his father and the rules of the kingdom to protect the woman he cared for. But there’s an end to the insanity called Tomic. OMG! You’d think you already know the baddest villains there is, but wait till you meet King Erro and Daegan’s evil brother Tomic – sick, mad devil incarnate.

I get now why Daegan Sorrowhand is Aubrie Nixon’s favorite character in the Age of Endings series. This broken immortal is not what he seems to be. He’s got a big responsibility on his hands and while darkness looms in the horizon, Daegan is someone worth looking out for. I firmly believe he will bring justice and chaos in Zephera Travelle’s life and I can’t wait to finish Secret of Souls really soon! Rating: 4.5 axe-wielding stars!

Claire Santos

Coffeeholic Bookworm

Requiem of Sorrows

An Age of Endings Novelette

By Aubrie Nixon

Introducing “Requiem of Sorrow: An Age of Endings Novelette”, the captivating prequel to Aubrie Nixon’s critically acclaimed novel, “Secret of Souls”. Published by Winterwolf Press under its Shadow Wolf Press imprint on September 1, 2018, this engaging tale invites you into the world of Daegan Sorrowhand, a man destined for a path he’s desperately trying to evade.

In the bleak Land of Somber, Daegan Sorrowhand is a young scholar whose dream is to pore over ancient texts in the region’s largest library, fantasizing about a peaceful resolution to his kingdom’s ongoing woes. But the universe, and his forceful father, have different, more violent plans for him. Tasked with the arduous duty of leading Somber’s most elite warriors, Daegan finds himself entangled in the ever-increasing darkness of his land, while also being engulfed by the blazing fires of passion and love.

However, a crushing tragedy pushes Daegan to embrace the encroaching darkness, opening a path that tests his resolve like never before. Caught in a gut-wrenching tug-of-war between his heart and his sworn duty, Daegan faces a decision that will indelibly mark his destiny.

“Requiem of Sorrow: An Age of Endings Novelette” provides an immersive, emotionally charged prelude to the main event of “Secret of Souls”. It paints a vivid picture of the circumstances that led Daegan to the Empire of Lucent, setting the stage for the thrilling saga to follow. Delve into this intense, conflict-ridden world where duty, love, and darkness collide, shaping the destinies of those brave enough to endure.


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