Rising From the Ashes

A True Story of Finding Life After Death

By Christine Contini

“Rising From the Ashes: A True Story of Finding Life After Death (The One Light Series Book 2)” by Christine Contini offers a profound exploration of the mysteries of life beyond death, guided by her unique perspective and extraordinary abilities. The narrative is set into motion when Syndell, Contini’s eighteen-month-old daughter, utters an unexpected sentence that opens a gateway into an alternative reality, one that confirms the existence of life after death.

In this intriguing narrative, Contini awakens her latent abilities to perceive and interact with her now-deceased Uncle Ricky, aiding him in his journey to cross over. Her experiences challenge conventional spiritual beliefs and provide illuminating insights into the death and dying process.

The book dives into a range of essential themes, examining how grief can tether the dead to the earthly realm, and introducing the concept of the “Angle of Acceleration,” a novel understanding of the mechanics that enable the transition of the soul to the other side. Contini further explores the implications of cremation at the soul level, offering a fresh perspective on this ancient practice.

Unveiling the purpose and influence of the veil on our lives, Contini demonstrates how it can obscure our perception of reality and shape our experiences throughout our lifetime. She emphasizes how a single belief can exert control over our experiences, casting a new light on the power of the mind and the spirit.

The wealth of information presented in this engrossing short story shows that the process of dying is not an isolated experience exclusive to the deceased, but rather, a communal endeavor involving both the living and the dead. Contini posits that those left behind and the departed work in unison, with additional support from the other side, to achieve their soul-level objectives, often masked by the shifting veil.

In “Rising From the Ashes: A True Story of Finding Life After Death,” readers are invited to accompany Contini on her extraordinary journey, gaining a deeper understanding of life, death, and the intriguing spaces in between.

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