Melissa Calderon-Rougié
Burton L. Carlson
Suzanne Cottrell
Gregory Luce
Molly Murray
Richard Smith
Patti Palmer-Baker
Carol Deering
Melissa Huff
Barry McNeil
Kayla Miller
Robert Morgan Fisher
Virginia Barrett
Arthur Mitchell
Lauren Johnson
Austin Miller
Lynne Reeder

Howl of the Wild

A Nature Anthology

By Winterwolf Press

In a celebration of the power and beauty of the natural world, Winterwolf Press is proud to present “Howl of the Wild: A Nature Anthology”. This extraordinary collection emerges from a multitude of voices – poets, creative writers, and nature enthusiasts – all drawn together by their shared reverence for the environment.

“Howl of the Wild” is more than a simple anthology; it is an artistic tapestry woven together with threads of vivid narratives, emotive poetry, and poignant reflections, all inspired by nature’s splendor. Each page takes the reader on a journey into the heart of the wilderness, unravelling its mysteries and marvels.

Contributors such as Melissa Calderon-Rougié, Burton L. Carlson, Suzanne Cottrell, and Gregory Luce, among many others, lend their unique literary voices to this collection. Their words echo with a deep appreciation for the wild, resonating with the stirring call of animals, the whisper of trees, and the silent strength of mountains.

Furthermore, “Howl of the Wild” is a work deeply rooted in a mission to give back. Recognizing the importance of preserving the very essence it celebrates, the anthology is committed to supporting environmental conservation efforts. Therefore, all sale proceeds from the first six months will be generously donated to the National Wildlife Federation, a leading organization dedicated to protecting wildlife and natural habitats.

Engross yourself in the rich tapestry of “Howl of the Wild: A Nature Anthology”, and journey through a kaleidoscope of sensory experiences as you delve into the untamed beauty of our natural world. In doing so, you also contribute to the vital cause of environmental preservation. Join us on this remarkable literary adventure and immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the wilderness.

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