Parkinsonian Democracy

A Legal Fiction Advocating Diet and Exercise for Parkinson’s

By Jerry Hurtubise

“Parkinsonian Democracy, A Legal Fiction Advocating Diet and Exercise for Parkinson’s” is a unique legal fiction set within the symbolic realm of the United States District Court of Public Opinion. Here, our protagonist, Christian Cultura, a seasoned trial attorney, presents a compelling case, laying bare the reality that many individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s often overlook the essential role of a nutritious diet and regular, vigorous aerobic exercise in slowing the progress of this rapidly escalating brain disease.

Recognizing the current state of human evolution and the ensuing challenges, Cultura seeks to demonstrate, through undeniable scientific evidence, that a shift in our cognitive approach is not just possible but necessary. He emphasizes the importance of utilizing the areas of our brain designed explicitly for rational thinking instead of relying solely on parts that have evolved for other significant yet different functions.

In this spirit of change and adaptation, Cultura extends an invitation to those living with Parkinson’s disease. He proposes the concept of a “Parkinsonian Democracy,” a safe haven where, under certain conditions, individuals are granted the inalienable right to move freely, to their utmost ability, for the entirety of their lives. This book serves as a guiding light until a cure for Parkinson’s disease is found.


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