Christine Contini

Christine Contini

Healer and Author of Death: Awakening to Life, Standing in a Dead Man’s Body, and Rising From the Ashes

Christine Contini is on a mission to bring joy, empowerment, and knowledge to the world.

Her goals are to awaken the sleepers and unveil the many miraculous advances in human evolution that we all can achieve. Through sharing her own experiences, she can illustrate what is possible and introduce slight adjustments to familiar concepts, so they become life-changing realizations.

Christine delights in inspiring people to recognize their own innate power and to learn to embrace themselves as enlightened human beings completely. “We are all participating in this grand adventure together, and not only are we more effective when we work in groups, but it’s more fun too.”


Death: Awakening to Life

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From first-hand experiences, Christine shares what it’s like to die and come back to life. She gives detailed accounts about what happens on the other side, and how death can bring new hope to life.

Standing In a Dead Man's Body, A True Story of Crossing Over

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In “Standing in a Dead Man’s Body, A True Story of Crossing Over (The One Light Series Book 1),” author Christine Contini, who has had three near-death experiences, takes readers on an unparalleled journey through death and beyond. When she finds herself trapped within a dying man’s body, she shares unique and profound insights about death, dying, and crossing over. With themes of forgiveness and perspective shifts, Contini demystifies the dying process, offering powerful revelations on the transformative nature of death, ultimately promoting a deeper understanding and acceptance of this inevitable part of life’s cycle.

Rising From the Ashes, A True Story of Finding Life After Death

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In “Rising From the Ashes: A True Story of Finding Life After Death (The One Light Series Book 2),” Christine Contini illuminates the often-misunderstood processes of death and the afterlife. Triggered by her young daughter’s peculiar remark, Christine uses her extraordinary abilities to interact with her late Uncle Ricky, aiding his transition to the other side. The book offers deep insights into how grief can bind the deceased to the earthly realm, the role of beliefs in shaping our experiences, and the transformative impact of death on both the living and the dead. With revelations about the spiritual implications of cremation and the purpose of the veil in our lives, Contini’s narrative bridges the gap between life and death, redefining our understanding of these timeless phenomena.

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