Jerry Hurtubise

Jerry Hurtubise

Author of  Parkinsonian Democracy, A Legal Fiction Advocating Diet & Exercise for Parkinson’s

Jerry Hurtubise, a seasoned trial attorney from San Francisco, found himself on an unexpected journey after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Leveraging his extensive experience in litigating head trauma cases, Jerry embarked on a mission to uncover the essential tools required to tame his disease, all aiming to continue leading a fulfilling life alongside Catherine, his beloved wife of thirty-five years.

His explorations paved the way for managing his condition and fueled his passion for writing. Before his current project, “Parkinsonian Democracy,” Jerry penned “The Spiritual Apprenticeship of a Curious Catholic,” a previously published book that explored the depths of faith and spirituality.

Jerry’s life and works are an inspirational testament to resilience and adaptability in adversity. His remarkable journey continues to unfold, educating and inspiring others.

Parkinsonian Democracy

Coming Spring 2023

Parkinsonian Democracy” is a groundbreaking legal fiction set within the allegorical United States District Court of Public Opinion. Through the eyes of experienced trial attorney Christian Cultura, the book exposes the often overlooked role of a healthy diet and rigorous aerobic exercise in managing Parkinson’s disease. Cultura champions a shift in cognitive approach, backed by irrefutable scientific evidence, underscoring the need to engage the brain’s rational faculties rather than over-relying on its other functions. The novel presents the idea of a “Parkinsonian Democracy,” a sanctuary for those with Parkinson’s, where they’re empowered to maintain their mobility, under certain conditions, throughout their lives. This work stands as a beacon of hope until a definitive cure for Parkinson’s disease is discovered.