The Forge and the Flame

By Aaron Yeager

Grade Level 5.5

When Beren Collier, a fourteen-year-old boy from a small coal mining village, is selected to become an apprentice to Master Tannimbaugh, the most magical swordsmith in all the lands, he jumps at the chance! Creating swords that summon dragonfire and daggers that call down lightning are just a few of the lessons Beren can’t wait to learn, but it takes more than intelligence and wishful thinking to produce such powerful and magical weapons—it takes heart.
Beren must discover what it means to be a man, learn what it takes to be an honorable person, and decide if there really are “right” answers to some of the most difficult questions he’s ever had to face. The answers he finds will not only surprise him, but will take him on a journey that will thrust him into realms of magic, mystery, secrecy, and adventure.
Join Beren as he flies on giant bats, breaks bread with pixies, and encounters evil overlords in this unforgettable story of discovery and excitement, where enchantment fills every page and magic captivates every heart.

Available in ebook and paperback


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