These days, the word “newsletter” brings such boring images to mind. It reminds us of the cluttered billboard constantly shedding outdated announcements onto the floor of the employee breakroom, or that company flier that the boss is always waving in our face.

We think of mind-numbing paragraphs and bullet points.

But there’s hope.

The fact that you’re reading this – scanning the page for a reason to sign up for an electronic newsletter – means that you also believe in a world where newsletters are useful, and maybe even welcome.

And as a staff of fellow writers, we can assure you here at Winterwolf Press, that dream is already a reality.

1. For starters, we don’t flood mailboxes

We promise. And while we do aim to keep our newsletter consistent, you can rest assured that we won’t send anything your way if it isn’t worth writing home about. But honestly, with new writers to announce and submission periods just around the corner? We’ve got a lot to share, and it’s all goodies just for writers and readers like you.

2. You’ll gain access to exclusive tips and treats

Have we been posting about a book you’d like to read? An author you’d like to meet? Then I certainly hope you’re signed up and reading our newsletter already! Only there will you find announcements for contests about early book releases, special item giveaways, and last minute submissions. But if you’re a little late to the party, don’t fret; we’ve got loads more yet to be announced.

3. It’ll keep us in touch

Our founder said it best when she wrote, “We believe we have a responsibility to contribute to the world’s wellbeing by cultivating ideas that create inspiration and empowerment in our readers.” Of course, the choice to be a part of it is up to you, and whether you want to burn that midnight oil for just a tad longer or send in a manuscript straight away, we’re only happy to help.

Are you a writer? Are you thinking about creating a newsletter for your readers to sign up for? Take a look at these fifteen examples. You can’t do much better than them.