For Immediate Release

LAS VEGAS, NV-Winterwolf Press (WP) acquires an exciting non-fiction three-book series by celebrated healer, Christine Contini. The subject of this amazing series-death and why it isn’t the end.

From first-hand experiences, Christine shares what it’s like to die and come back to life. She gives detailed accounts about what happens on the other side, and how death can bring new hope to life. Addressing many social phobias surrounding death and its mysterious hold on us, this heartfelt and compassionate collection of adventures dares to awaken the reader to the amazing truth of what lies after death and shows the awe-inspiring beginnings that can be birthed from what many think of as the end.

What will this series cover?

The series examines the taboo subject most of us avoid–the journey after death. The series explains death is simply a transition and not an ending. You will be exposed to first-hand experiences in detail about the crossing over process, the amazing experience awaiting all of us, how and why people fight to stay alive.

What will first book discuss?

Book 1 discusses different types of death related topics such as, is there really life after death, and it walks the reader through Christine’s own Near Death Experience (NDE). She’ll share in detail the process of crossing over and the many ways it can be experienced. By the end of first book, you will understand we are actually more connected to the hereafter than we are aware. And by opening ourselves up to see the reality of the world instead of lens of our conditioning we can experience life’s transition without fear, guilt, shame, or blame.

What is one interesting/unusual tidbit I will find in the book?

One unusual tidbit you will find is detailed information about comas, how we choose to stay or go, what information are we given at the moment of death that makes some of us fight to live, and allows others of us leave in peace.

Why would I, as a reader, believe these stories?

Christine has had multiple personal experiences with NDE’s and can provide detailed and verifiable evidence to families she’s assisted when they’ve lost loved ones. In the stories, Christine will share how the information given to her is in direct relationship to what the survivors know to be true. Once you read this compelling compilation of stories about what happens when we die, the truth in these books will ring loud and clear.

 Death: Awakening to Life will be released in the Spring 2017.