It’s three in the morning. You’ve just typed the final word of your novel’s last sentence, and though it’s straining your eyes to stare at the screen, you can’t help but look at the word count in disbelief. Finally, you’ve finished your book. You should be relieved.

And yet, you’re worried.

You’ve spent this whole time simply concerned about finishing your book, but now that it’s complete, you aren’t sure of the next step. Should you try to find an agent? Self-publish? Maybe reach out to an editor online? And don’t you need to come up with some sort of angle to sell your book in the first place?

Relax. Breathe.

Here at WinterWolf Press, we have all of your publishing needs covered.

1. We’re Creatives, Too

First and foremost, WinterWolf Press isn’t a sales floor. Our staff isn’t keeping an eye out for the next supernatural love story to take the world by storm and rake in the millions, nor are we about to let a mangled plotline through the door just because it could (temporarily) scurry onto the bestseller list next summer. Rather, we’re a handful of creatives and dreamers and – you guessed it – writers; a specialized team working toward a common goal to grow and support stories worth telling.

2. We Want to Hear From You

Sure, our submissions aren’t open just yet (stay tuned!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to us with questions or concerns. Leave a general message with us, or better yet, take a gander at our staff member page and send someone a direct message. Join our newsletter for early announcements. We mean it when we say that “WinterWolf Press strives to build honest and transparent relationships with our authors and audiences.”

3. We Care About an “Idea”

Winterwolf Press makes it a point to search out stories that can bring back some of that joy and wonder, and encourage the well-being of the world around us. We believe in beautiful ideas, especially those that promote peace, joy, magic and positivity.

We understand that your gem might be a few revisions short of fully polished, but unlike other publishers, we aren’t expecting you to have a novel all wrapped up in a pretty little marketable bow when you send it into our submissions pile. Instead, we want to fall in love with your idea and help polish it into a bonafide diamond.

4. We Make it Easy

Not that writing a novel is ever easy, but we try to make a point of easing the struggle after you’ve finally got the story recorded onto the page. At Winterwolf Press, we don’t ask that you have an agent contact us for you, or demand a minimum number of followers before deciding to take you on as one of our writers. As mentioned before, send us a fantastic, sparkling idea (even if it does still have a few dull spots to brighten up) we can believe in and we’ll be in touch.

Whether you decide to submit a novel or simply garner some new information about the writing and publishing process, we welcome your participation at Winterwolf Press!

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