The Howl of the Wild

Writing Contest, March 1st through April 30, 2017

The Howl of the Wild Contest has ended.

“Wildness is the preservation of the World.” 
 Henry David Thoreau, Walking

The call of the wild. The howl of the wolves. The roar of a river. The songs of birds. The rustling of leaves in the wind. The scent of damp earth and crisp air.

These are the sounds and smells of the wild.

Experience unmatched.

But all of this is disappearing and there is a danger of these magnificent lands and the animals who call them home vanishing from our future.

We at Winterwolf Press are firm believers in helping save our wilderness, both in the world and within ourselves. In that vein, we are proud to announce our anthology contest entitled, The Howl of the Wild.

Starting March 1, 2017, we will open the gates to your amazing stories and poems. The top 10 short stories and 10 poems will be compiled in an anthology, with the theme of honoring nature and animals.

Sale proceeds will be donated to the National Wildlife Federation.

Contest Criteria:

  • Contest is open to any writer, 18 years or older

  • Contest March 1, 2017 to March 31, 2017 (Poetry)

  • Short story submissions extended to April 30, 2017.
  • No late poetry entries will be accepted after 11:59 pm PST on March 31, 2017.

  • No late short stories entries will be accepted after 11:59 pm PST on April 30, 2017.
  • Writing submissions are unlimited

  • Each submission must be wholly original and not infringe on the copyright, intellectual property right, privacy right or any other right of any other individual or entity

  • Each submission must reflect a theme regarding nature and/or animals

  • Each submission must be aligned with Winterwolf Press’ mission of promoting peace, joy, magic and positivity in society’s creative consciousness

  • Each submission may be in the form of a short story or poetry; if a short story, the short story submission must be less than 8000 words; if poetry, the poetry submission must be no more than 1000 words

  • There will be zero tolerance for explicit and graphic sex or gore

  • An entrant may be disqualified by Sponsor should Sponsor determine that an entrant may be hindering the entry process and/or contest in a disruptive or unsportsmanlike manner in undermining the purpose and/or operation of the contest

  • Previously published works are welcomed so long as author retains full rights and can be verified prior to publication

Judging Criteria:

  • Each entrant’s submission will be reviewed by the Sponsor’s Submissions Team
  • Each entrant’s submission will be judged according to a mixed combination of the following elements:
    • Originality
    • Theme (Sponsor’s mission of promoting peace, joy, magic and positivity in society’s creative consciousness)
    • Creativity
    • Communication/Expression


  • Selected winning entries will be included in an anthology to be published and distributed by Sponsor in format(s) as determined by Sponsor (i.e., print, audio, etc..), with all sale proceeds resulting thereof being donated to the National Wildlife Federation for the first six (6) months upon initial release of the publication, with proceeds thereafter being paid to Sponsor
  • Selected winning entries will receive potential widespread exposure as a result of the published and circulated anthology
  • Each winner will receive full writing credit for their entry in relation to the anthology
  • Awards are non-transferrable and no substitutions are permitted


  • Winners will be selected and notified on May 12, 2017, by email individually and an announcement of such winners shall be made on Sponsor’s website in Sponsor’s discretion as well
  • Selected winners understand that they shall not receive any monetary or financial award or compensation of any kind, nor be entitled thereto whatsoever
  • Winners understand and agree that any and all rights in and to their entries (written work) shall be granted, transferred, conveyed and/or assigned to Sponsor worldwide and shall revert back to winners after the first run of publication for the referenced anthology hereunder
  • Winners understand and agree that Sponsor and its affiliates or contracting third parties shall have the right use winners’ name and likenesses in relation to the contest and referenced anthology/publication herein, including, without limitation, display, marketing and promotional purposes for Sponsor’s brand, list of achievements and/or future contests.
  • Winners will be required to execute any and all paperwork reasonably necessary to effectuate the rights granted hereunder, including, without limitation, executing acknowledgment and release forms related hereto, name and likeness authorizations, documentation relating to the transfer of rights and etc..


  • Unless expressly stated otherwise herein, any work, material, and/or product, taken by, submitted to, provided for or created through the use of any portion of Sponsor’s website, services and/or contest, is wholly Sponsor’s sole and exclusive property. Any unauthorized use of such property beyond the terms stated herein or any unauthorized monetary exploitation or financial gain resulting therefrom shall constitute infringement of Sponsor’s intellectual property and such entrant would be potentially liability for maximum damages, sanctions, disgorgement of profits, penalties and fines, as permitted by law

Choice of Law:

  • Except to the extent preempted by U.S. federal law, the laws of Nevada, other than its conflict-of-laws principles, govern these rules and regulations and any disputes arising out of relating to these rules and regulations, their contractual effect and/or their subject matter, including tort claims


  • If any provision of these rules and regulations are found to be unenforceable, that provision will be severed from these rules and regulations herein and not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions

Final terms:

This writing contest is open to any writer, 18 or older, who submits a writing entry according to the rules and regulations hereunder (“entrant”). By submitting an entry hereunder, each entrant understands and agrees that all of the rules and regulations shall apply and that each entrant agrees to abide by such rules and regulations, grant the authorizations and interests entailed hereunder and be contractually bound to the terms and conditions herein with Winterwolf Enterprises LLC d/b/a Winterwolf Press (“Sponsor”) and all applicable local, state, national and international laws, rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are subject to change at any time in Sponsor’s discretion and it is each entrant’s responsibility to keep itself informed of such updates on a regular basis. Further, each entrant represents and warrants that by submitting an entry hereunder each has the legal capacity and right to enter into this contest and agree to be contractually bound to the terms and conditions herein with Sponsor, while waiving any and all legal and monetary claims, causes of actions, and defenses related thereto against Sponsor, or any party or individual affiliated with or related to Sponsor and/or other contest entrants herein. Should there be any dispute between an entrant and the Sponsor or any other related party herein, each entrant agrees that all such disputes shall be resolved by mandatory binding arbitration through the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and that each entrant waives any right to participate in any class action lawsuit or class-wide arbitration. Notwithstanding, Sponsor shall not be restricted from filing a legal action against any entrant based on an alleged or actual violation or breach committed by an entrant herein. In the event that Sponsor incurs or pays for liabilities, damages and/or claims as a result of any entrant’s submitted work hereunder or is served with a related lawsuit or claim therein, each entrant agrees to indemnify Sponsor for any and all actual costs, expenses, fees and penalties incurred by and/or paid by Sponsor. This contest is void where prohibited. No purchase is necessary to enter or win. The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Sponsor’s website ( are automatically incorporated herein as part of these Rules and Regulations, where applicable and reasonably connected.

These rules and regulations make up the entire agreement between each entrant, winner, on the one hand, and Sponsor, on the other, and supersede any prior agreements. You agree that we have the right to change these rules and regulations, or cancel/suspend/terminate the contest or any portion thereof at any time without any reason, and that it is your responsibility to check the Sponsor’s website on a regular basis to see whether any related announcements are posted thereon. These rules and regulations do not create or confer any third-party beneficiary rights. If we do not enforce a provision in these rules and regulations, it will not be considered a waiver. We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you. You may not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these rules and regulations without our consent. These rules and regulations were written in English and to the extent any translated version of these rules and regulations, if any, conflict with the English version, the English version will control.


All who submit agree to these terms and conditions