Writing is a skill that requires cultivation and continued nurturing. As such, it’s essential that writers learn from and collaborate with other writers. Online writing communities are a great way to find inspiration and improve your craft. Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet,” has a wide variety of sub communities (subreddits) designed especially for writers looking to share their vision and learn from their colleagues. The following subreddits are must visits for aspiring and experienced writers alike.

Get Inspired

  • r/imaginarylandscapes – Artists share their incredible visions of faraway places. Get inspired by truly unique images.
  • r/IAmAfiction – In the classic Ask Me Anything (AMA) format, Reddit allows users to pose as fictional characters and answer questions of the crowd. This is fantastic for character development.
  • r/characterdevelopment – Speaking of character development, come here for character ideas and inspiration.

Get Writing

  • r/writingprompts – Read and respond to some truly hilarious and often inspiring writing prompts. You can also share one or two of your own.
  • r/sixwordstories – Can you write an entire story in only six words? Reddit challenges you to post your story here and read what others have to say.
  • r/wordcount – This motivational hub encourages visitors to share their progress and push each other to write more. Come here if you’re having trouble finding the push you need.

Get Reading

  • r/literature – Part of being a good writer is being an active reader. Discuss your favorite book and themes.
  • r/booksuggestions – No sure what to read next? This subreddit has you covered with suggestions for any genre.

Share Your Work and Talk to Other Writers

  • r/writing – This primary subreddit for writers allows writers to share their work and ask each other questions about writing, publishing, and more.
  • r/creativewriting – This serves largely the same purpose as r/writing, except it is specifically geared toward fiction writers.
  • r/worldbuilding – If your writing often takes you to faraway lands, then this could be the subreddit for you. Writers share their creations and bounce ideas off one another.
  • r/oneparagraph – Come here to post a favorite bit of flash fiction or a troublesome passage from a larger work. Ask for feedback or read and help other writers.
  • r/destructivereaders – Visit this subreddit if you’re brave enough to have your work torn limb from limb. Readers will be brutally honest about your work, but you’ll be better for it.

Ask for Help

  • r/grammar – This is your go to spot for all your grammar and style needs.
  • r/publishing – Questions about the process? Want to talk to someone who has been through it? Ask other authors here.
  • r/selfpublish – If you’re inspired to go it alone, this subreddit can help you with questions, resources, tips, and exposure.

Of course, these are only a smattering of what Reddit has to offer avid writers. Explore the community for more creative and inspiring forums. Remember that nothing keeps your talent fresh like an infusion of new ideas and new voices.