Betwixters Once Upon a Time – Ebook


by Laura C. Cantu

Magic was a myth to Noah—until a fairy’s dying plea drew him into The Dark Wood, where a beast of fangs and shadows stalks him and hungers for his very soul. Noah must decide: attempt a daring rescue and possibly fall prey to the forest’s ancient evils or turn his back and watch the fairy—and her magic—fade forever.

Noah and his friends face a big problem: they’re Betwixters, which means they can see Neevya, a fairy with a deadly secret. They want to help her, but they don’t know how, and time is running out. Things get even scarier when Grucker, the school bully, starts seeing Neevya too!

Being Betwixters is tough, especially with a shadow wolf from The Dark Wood on your heels. They barely escaped last time, and now the wolf’s howls haunt their nightmares. They must choose: do they brave the woods again to find the cure for Neevya, or do they stay safe at home while she fades away?

It’s up to Noah and his friends to face their fears and the shadow wolf one more time. If they get it wrong, they could lose Neevya and be trapped in The Dark Wood forever.


Fans of Harry Potter, The Goonies, and Percy Jackson will adore ‘Betwixters: Once Upon a Time,’ a captivating blend of magic, adventure, and friendship. Cantu’s imaginative tale promises an enchanting journey reminiscent of Harry Potter’s charm, The Goonies’ adventurous spirit, and Percy Jackson’s thrilling quests- an unforgettable adventure for readers of all ages.

Buy The Betwixters: Once Upon a Time and discover a new magical adventure today!

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A mysterious forest near the cozy town of Herogate, England is more than what it seems. The gnarled trees appear to breathe, gloomy storms follow you around, and prowling shadows come to life before your very eyes. Referred to as The Dark Wood by the townsfolk, the forest is guarded by a strange old man and creatures not of this world. Even the locals never set foot in the bewitched woodlands, and trespassers have a way of turning up dead.
When Noah Walters moves to town with his parents, his father—a contractor working on a top-secret project for a private security firm—makes Noah promise to never enter those woods; but he doesn’t know that Fate has other plans.
Noah and his new best friends, Ethan and Skye, are chased into The Dark Wood by Grucker, a schoolyard bully, and their lives are changed forever. They are forced into the heart of the forest, where they discover a lost fairy who needs their help to find her way back home before it’s too late.
Join Noah and his friends on a magical adventure as they race against time and plunge headfirst into the unknown. They are challenged with secrets to keep, a dangerous mission to accomplish, and a test of courage that will bring them face-to-face with magical creatures they thought only existed in fairy tales.
This is more than a tale of discovery, mystery, and excitement; it’s an epic adventure that will usher you into a world where magic is in the air, in the trees, and in every heart.