Grassroots literary publication, 2 Elizabeths, interviewed Arleen Barreiros, Director of Operations and Acquisitions, in an exclusive Q&A about Winterwolf Press: submissions, operations, and upcoming books.

Below is a brief excerpt from the interview:

2E: Who generally approaches Winterwolf Press more frequently: agents or writers?

AB: As of now, we are approached primarily by writers, which is very nice. Winterwolf enjoys cultivating close relationships with our authors, welcoming them into our creative family.  That being said, there isn’t necessarily a preference for authors approaching us or agents. We welcome both.

2E: What are some components that you like to see in a query letter and what makes an author stand apart?

AB: When I receive a query letter, I like seeing that the author has already read our submission information in terms of what we are actually looking for, and that they are trying to target their query letter directly to us. In the past, we have received submissions from people who are submitting technically within the targeted genre where we focus, however perhaps their work is not within the “spirit” that Winterwolf Press is looking to publish. And then, there are those queries received that are “canned” submissions and not tailored directly to me. Those are not appreciated, as they haven’t shown that they care enough for their own work or our company. If you don’t have time to write a letter directly to me, then why do I have time to read your submission? On the other hand, when a query is personal and real, and shows that a writer has done a little research about who we are, that query is going to catch my attention. This makes the author stand out. It shows that they care and that they are trying to show their work in the best possible light.

To read the full story, go to 2 Elizabeths’ website!