Writers. We’re constantly looking for the perfect location to write.

If you’re like me, you’ve spent copious amounts of time looking for that one sweet spot. That single location which would somehow embody the ideal elements in one place fostering all your creative energies to perfection.

For most of us, we realize such a place doesn’t exist.

But there’s hope! Some famous writers actually did manage to create their writing space– in the shape of the shed.

While for many,  the idea of a shed is just a tiny structure to throw in outdoor lawn equipment and miscellaneous objects you no longer want living in the house.

But for these writers, these sheds became their own personal sanctuaries. Places used to escape their normal lives and retreat into their creative ones, where beloved characters and worlds were imagined into life.
Here are three famous authors who created three amazing writing sheds.

Roald Dahl

Perhaps one of the most famous writing huts, belonged to writer Roald Dahl. Inside his shed, Dahl created such fantastic worlds and characters such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach and The BFG.  Within this small hut in his backyard, Dahl spent his time in seclusion focusing just on his imagination and work.  The interior of the shed has been relocated to The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Center in Great Missenden, UK.

George Bernard Shaw

The famous Irish playwright often escaped his estate to his writing hut in his garden. Here, he wrote such memorable plays as Pygmalion, Saint Joan, and The Apple Cart. He dubbed the hut “London” so when unexpected visitors came to call or phoned the home, they believed he was visiting the actual city. The small hut has an interesting feature-It turns!  Shaw was able to turn the hut toward the sun to catch the light as the day faded.  The hut can be visited at his home located at Ayot St. Lawrence, UK

Henry David Thoreau

America’s great naturalist writer, Henry David Thoreau built a small, single room cabin right on the Walden Pond–the very location inspiring one of his greatest works, Walden.  The simple cabin offers, a desk, chair, fireplace, a bed and a spectacular view of the pond.