Winterwolf Press and Shadow Wolf Press are teaming up with Ascension Academy.

The Reason

The staff members of Winterwolf Press and Shadow Wolf Press have been working tirelessly to help authors write their books, prepare their books for print, and launch their books into the market. The entire process of writing, publishing, and selling a book takes a tremendous amount of time, attention, effort, and dedication.

What we’ve found is that most authors struggle with the same problems, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Presenting the best manuscript possible
    • Many authors submit manuscripts that are far from print-ready. It is not beneficial for us to spend unreasonable amounts of money, time, and effort to prepare an author’s manuscript so that it is ready for publication. 
  • Marketing their books
    • It’s rare for authors to have the. knowledge and/or platform to successfully market their books so that they actually make sales. 
  • Branding and Authority
    • Most authors have no idea how to create and build their brand.


The Goal

We are teaming up with Ascension Academy to empower authors to be empowered and successful. We are creating courses to help them write, produce, and market their books, as well as build their brands and achieve social media influence. 

Additionally, we will be reviewing the works of the students enrolled in our courses at Ascension Academy for possible titles we may like to publish.


The Benefit

Authors who enroll and participate in our courses and contests on Ascension Academy will get a chance to be published by Winterwolf Press or Shadow Wolf Press.

We see this as a Win-Win for us and our authors.


We hope to see you there!