Praise for Parkinsonian Democracy!

time lapse photography of city during night time

We at Winterwolf Press are thrilled to announce that our latest publication, authored by the talented Jerry Hurtubise, has made a remarkable debut, receiving outstanding reviews since its release on Black Friday.

In a glowing endorsement, a respected physician has awarded the book a 5-star review on Amazon. He highly recommends it not only to individuals battling Parkinson’s disease but also to their families, praising the book for its insightful and engaging content. His review highlights the book’s fun, approachable style, making complex topics accessible and enjoyable for readers.

These rave reviews testify to Jerry Hurtubise’s skillful writing and the significant impact this book is already making. We are proud to have Jerry as part of our Winterwolf Press family and are excited to see how his book continues to inspire and inform readers worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates, and join us in celebrating this incredible achievement!

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