Teresa Kennedy

Senior Editor

Teresa Kennedy is a veteran of the publishing industry, having served as a Senior and Acquisitions editor for several New York houses, as well as a number of smaller independents.  She is also the author of more than 30 books under her own and various pseudonyms and her works have been translated into 12 different languages.

Over the course of her career, she has helped literally hundreds of authors ready their books for market and make them the very best that they can be. So whether your title is fiction, non-fiction or somewhere in between, you can count on her expertise to get your book ready for Prime Time!

Email: teresa@winterwolfpress.com

Teresa is a wonderful mix of professionalism and friendliness.  When I hired her to help me navigate the waters of publishing, I only knew that I was hiring an editor who “got” my writing and knew how to edit without changing my voice.  As we continued to work together, and she helped with my query, synopsis, and agent search, making the process much less intimidating and helping me navigate The Great Agent Quest with ease.

Michelle O'Brien, author of Killing Julie

Teresa is awesome. She’s professional, easy to work with and a great person on top of that.  She always keeps to her schedule, and stays in communication to keep you in the loop.  Her edits are skillful and her advice is insightful and always spot on.  I had used other services in the past, but after working with her she’s the only editor I use anymore.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I plan to use her services on all my future projects.

Aaron Lee Yeager, author of The Isle of Wysteria, Kharmic Rebound and more.