Mountains of the Sea

Mountains Of The Sea is a watershed voyage of epic proportions that takes you through the volatile moods of a historic Hawaiian ocean culture where Walter Beaumont comes face to face with political intrigue, war, and the most enigmatic experience for an English aristocrat—that of riding the giant swells of Hawaii.

“Rarely does a historical novel capture the vernacular, imagery and excitement of an entire era like Gunter Swoboda’s Mountains Of The Sea. As a surfer, historian and working professional, Gunter has successfully synthesized his career, his chosen sport and his passion for adventure and writing into an engaging story of murder, intrigue, high-seas adventure, friendship and, ultimately, love. From its opening pages, Mountains Of The Sea ably transports the reader from the lofty realms of European aristocrats into the colorful, exotic and sometimes dangerous life of an intrepid foreigner in the Pacific Islands at the point of pre-colonial European contact. This is a novel that reads as both entertaining and educational. Extraordinary and masterful writing from a potent new voice in modern literature.”—Tom Kamaki Linker, B.ED., M.A


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