About Our Authors

Hand picked and tested true

Laura C. Cantu

Author of The Vathylite Realms and The Betwixters

Laura Cantu is an up-and-coming celebrity author who has received rave reviews, won notable awards, and placed at the top of Amazon's lists.

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  • Spellbinding Storyteller 100%
  • Mystical Visionary 80%
  • Friend of Faeries 100%

Christine Contini

Healer and Author of Death: Awakening to Life

Christine Contini is a leader in the field of self healing. She currently runs a study made of doctors, wholistic practitioners, and energy workers to help others learn this sacred art.

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  • Spiritual Teacher 100%
  • Truth Speaker 100%
  • Friend to the world 100%

Aaron Yeager

Author of The Forge and the Flame

Aaron Yeager has worn a lot of hats: author, radio DJ, pilot, newspaper editor, space education flight instructor, teacher, game show host, actor, ambassador, stage hand, playwright, salesman, and director.

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  • Sword Making Master 100%
  • Charming Fantasy Magic 90%
  • Master of the Spark 100%

Arton Ayers

Author of Empyrean

Arton Ayers is an amalgam for a sister and brother writing team. Together they wrangle magical worlds and characters out of their imagination and onto the world—often with too much caffeine and not enough self-preservation.

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  • Dynamic Duo 100%
  • Steampunked 95%
  • Imagination cultivation 85%