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Winterwolf Press is excited to work with some of the most creative and imaginative authors in the industry.


Our goal is to bring magic back to the world through the power of storytelling! If you have a story to tell, check out our guidelines for submission.


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Winterwolf Press Titles

The Betwixters: Once Upon a Time

By Laura C. Cantu

Available now!

Book one of the exciting new series, Betwixters.

Take a journey of discovery, magic, and enchantment alongside Noah and his friends when they learn faeries really exist!


Written by Miranda Spigener-Sapon and Ross John Gosla

Coming 2019

The vast universe holds mysterious and dangerous secrets about a multi-verse and parallel worlds. This forbidden knowledge is guarded by a team of entities that walk among us.  One of these beings is known as…Charles.

Death: Awakening to Life

By Christine Contini

Available Now!

From first-hand experiences, Christine shares what it’s like to die and come back to life. She gives detailed accounts about what happens on the other side, and how death can bring new hope to life.

Mountains of the Sea

Written by Gunter Swoboda

Coming 2019

Mountains Of The Sea is a watershed voyage of epic proportions that takes you through the volatile moods of an historic Hawaiian ocean culture where Walter Beaumont comes face to face with political intrigue, war, and the most enigmatic experience for an English aristocrat—that of riding the giant swells of Hawai’i.

The Forge and the Flame

By Aaron Yeager

Available Now!

The charming children’s fantasy entitled The Forge and the Flame follows a young boy as he starts his journey as an apprentice to the greatest master in the hopes of becoming a magical blacksmith.

Howl of the Wild: An Anthology

Edited by John Dixon

Available Now!

Featuring poetry and prose by: Gregory Luce, Carol Deering, Arthur Mitchell, Melissa Huff, Melissa Calderon-Rougié, Kayla Miller, Burton L. Carlson, Molly Murray, Patti Palmer-Baker, Virginia Barrett, Suzanne Cottrell, Lynne Reeder, Austin Miller, Robert Morgan Fisher, Lauren Johnson, Richard Smith, and Barry McNeil.

The Howl of the Wild is a delightful journey through nature, sure to please fans of poetry and nature in equal measure.

Shadow Wolf Press Titles

Secret of Souls

By Aubrie Nixon

Available now!

Zephera Travelle is one of the deadliest assassins in the Empire of Lucent, known as the ‘Lady of Death.’ Follow Zephera and her companions on an epic action-adventure journey to find the key to Lucent’s salvation.

Full-tilt Exorcist

By Belwoeth Harbright

Coming Summer 2018!

Part horror, part comedy, part detective story, Full-tilt Exorcist follows Chester Woddeley, aspiring exorcist and gay senior in high school, as he investigates the mysterious circumstances behind a series of comas happening at his school.


Xandria Drake: Darkness Rising

By Laura C. Cantu

Coming 2018!

Join Xandria Drake and her whirlwind romance with Viktor, an ancient vampire, in this paranormal fantasy adventure.


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