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Winterwolf Press is excited to work with some of the most creative and imaginative authors in the industry.


Our goal is to bring magic back to the world through the power of storytelling! If you have a story to tell, check out our guidelines for submission.


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The Betwixters: Once Upon a Time

Coming Summer 2017

Book one of the exciting new series, Betwixters by Laura C. Cantu.

Take a journey of discovery, magic, and enchantment alongside Noah and his friends when they learn faries really exist!

Empyrean: On Wandering Winds

Coming 2018

Empyrean: On Wandering Winds is a fantastical and mesmerizing masterpiece of adventure written by Arton Ayers!

Death: Awakening to Life

Coming Fall 2017

From first-hand experiences, Christine shares what it’s like to die and come back to life. She gives detailed accounts about what happens on the other side, and how death can bring new hope to life.

Secret of Souls

Coming Fall 2017

Secret of Souls is book one of the thrilling dark fantasy trilogy by Aubrie Nixon!

The Forge and the Flame

Coming Spring 2018

The charming children’s fantasy entitled The Forge and the Flame will transport readers to an enchanting world full magical creatures and powerful weapons. In the midst of this, a young boy starts his journey as an apprentice to the greatest master in the hopes of becoming a magical blacksmith.

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